Welcome to The Papist Squirrel Blog!

Can I just tell you? I am so excited that you stopped by to take a peek at my 1st EVER blog.

My friend Heather asked my to start this because I gave up FB for Lent. Somehow I have collected a small following of friends that enjoy my wacky insights, cat videos, and posts about faith. I am totally humbled to hear that I cheer some of you up with the things I post.

I have so many things I want to share and discuss. My little squirrel brian is pinging like a pin ball machine.(insert cool sounds here)

Bare with me because I am a terrible speller and sometimes leave words out (dyslexic super powers form of super creative mind (Wonder Twins reference)).

This is a sample of what I want to share with you. I want to talk about our faith and things like,

  • Vocations
  • Prayers
  • #ShareJesus
  • Catholic media
  • Saint of the Day
  • Scripture
  • Catholic bloggers & Authors
  • How to squeeze the Rosary into your commute or carpool time.

Also I want to share some of my favorite things,

  • Books, movies, series that I binge watch
  • Cleaning Tips (Lazy style)
  • “Adulting” tips i.e. How to plunge a toilet, how to remove the shrunken head that lives in your tub drain and whats a P-trap and why do I care?
  • Beauty tips from a former makeup sales girl (B.K. Before Kids)
  • Decorating advice for the DIYer (Pinterest is your personal catalog of ideas)
  • Recipes (Crockpot style or easy enough for a kid to make)
  • and so much more…..(need more coffee to explain further)

So check back often and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand.

Your friend,

Pilar aka The Papist Squirrel







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