Artist Deidre Wicks


Etsy Shop WaterInMyPaint

I found these adorable little chaps at Marshalls or Home Goods, and I just COULD NOT resist them. I mean look at them! Who could resist a squirrel eating a doughnut, I also bought this little Mr.Pug in hat with glasses. Can you hear him crooning like Frank Sinatra, “I Did It My Way…”?

So I googled Deidre Wicks and found that she has an Etsy shop. WaterInMyPaint.She has so many adorable little critters that I can’t even stand it. She even has a squirrel dressed as a lumberjack, plaid shirt, beard, ax and all. #Charming

My next “must have” is the sassy looking orange tabby cat with a red bandana and cat lady glasses. I know right? How unbelievably charming can you get!

These would be perfect for a laundry room (where all the drudgery happens), kids room, home office, kitchen or just any place that you need a little happiness.

There are  2 things that I can’t say “No” to, wait 3 (I forgot about desserts, slapping my forehead like “I should have had a V8”).

1.) Books/magazines (I’m a sucker for book fair at school every year) I can say NO to more toys, but books?! Who can say NO to reading?

2.) Art. Posters, paintings, postcards, art books,post cards from a museum gift shop, you name it. Art makes me happy, so how could I say no to something that will cheer me up, brighten my home or bring whimsy to my kids rooms.

So go ahead by that adorable print, I promise you will thank me later.

Your Friend

Pilar The Papist Squirrel














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