Restless Decorating & The Itchy Foot

Do you change the decor in your house with each season or is every thing exactly in the same place that the interior designer left it? I have a friend like that. Her stuff only ever moved to just dust and return to the original spot.

Me, I like to change stuff ALL the time. My poor husband, I get on Pinterest and the next thing you know I’m repainting some random piece of furniture or moving a 500 lbs armoires to the den. Or I head to Home Goods because I just can’t stand our lamps another minute!

My basement is like a staging warehouse, full of every kind of decorative pillow, lamps, art work, mirrors, head boards (one day I will paint them, I promise),curtains for every room that rotate on a whim.

This is just the way my brain is wired, I can’t help it. In my family we moved a lot. My mom counted once and for her it was 45 plus times. For me this is the longest I have lived in one house in my LIFE!

I grew up in apartments so it was easy to pack and move on whim, for a job, better school or to be near my mom’s best friend.

All this moving forced me to make friends or sink trying.

But my Grandma Spike, she would move every 6 weeks (like a gypsy) if we let her. In our clan we say she has the “itchy foot”. If she saw something on tv, BAM! She’d talk my Aunt (a nurse) into packing the cousins and moving across America. (shaking my head)

These days Spike shuffles around a huge house she shares with my aunts, my mom and pack of assorted rescue dogs and cats.This form a women that always said “I don’t want anything that eats while I’m sleeping!”

When we all lived in one state, we would buy, sell and trade furniture amongst ourselves like pawn brokers. Always with the promise of first right of refusal.

These days I have a family and a husband who has never lived anywhere outside of this 25 mile radius. Weird right? So instead of selling our home every few years I redo our interiors and that wild “Itchy Foot”feeling subsides.

But….I’m still restless to put my “magic wand of decorating” on a new house. Sometimes I drive through neighborhoods and think “Oh my I could make that so adorable, a few flowers, some shutters, a new roof, etc”

It’s like when I was little and I would decorate my Barbie Townhouse for hours on end. Now I live in a house and do the exact same thing. My kids started the same obsessive behavior just out of toddler hood. Once moving a double canopy bed to another wall, while I was taking a nap.



It’s in our gene’s this restless decorating & “itchy foot” urge.

Your friend The Restless Decorator

Pilar The Papist Squirrel














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