Hilarity from Ghana & How God Writes Straight on “Crooked Lines”

Are you having an awful day?

I want to share something with you that will make you laugh right out LOUD. It will make you laugh, cry and be grateful for your life.

So I’ve mentioned the Catholic Channel on Siruis XM radio, right? Well one of my very favorite shows is  Lino Rulli the Catholic Guy Show -A Man With A Large Nose ( his words not mine).


Lino’s Book “Sinner”

Lino (we’re on a first name basis in my head) has one of the funniest radio shows next to Busted Halo with Fr. Dave Dwyer, but I digress and Lino would get jealous!

A few years ago I caught the tail end of this AMAZING ( I wish I could make that word shout it self off this page for you) interview. I mean I sat in the car and let the kids run amok inside while I listened!

When you hear Thomas Awiapo’s life story, just his joyful laugh alone will brighten your day, I promise, you will wish he could be your neighbor.

Thomas Awiapo3

POP QUIZ (I’m fairly certain you will know the answer)

Do you know what day and year you were born? Do you know your name? If you answered YES, then you get a 100%!

Well, Thomas doesn’t and it’s incredible when you listen to his life story. Not only how he chose his own birthday(s), but also how Catholic Relief Services fed, educated and employs Thomas Awiapo.

“How did you make it…a life full of very many crooked lines.But God has the power to write very straight on crooked lines. All you have to do is say YES!”

                                                                                                                Thomas Aiwapo

Be warned DO NOT drink anything while you listen. Because it might come outta your nose when you laugh. Trust me I’ve done it with hot cocoa. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you!

The entire podcast is about 2 hours, BUT the first part 40 plus minutes is with Thomas. The middle is Lino at a well dedication, but the end (a few days later) is MORE Thomas (Woo HOO)!

#156 Live From Ghana  Lino Rulli Podcast with Thomas Awiapo.

So be joyful and share this post with someone who needs some happiness!

Remember we’re all children of God, don’t you hide that light under a bushel. Let it SHINE glitter style! Tah Dah (with jazz hands).



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