Gifts Our Children Give Us

If you’re a parent or a cherished Aunt or Uncle you have been given a wee treasure made by a child’s little hands. As parents sometimes it’s hard to know exactly which of these master pieces to hold onto.

My friend Michelle P. says unless it has her daughters body on it (hand/foot/fingerprints) it’s not a cherished keeper.This is how she maintains an uncluttered home.

Our art teacher said most parents hide them under a bed in a plastic tub (guilty party of one).

As my kids get older their work has become more developed. Still the items from those early years are things I would drag out in a fire, to rescue.

They have no value to anyone but me and my husband. But to me they are treasures beyond GOLD!


Easter morning on vacation, the kids and I were eating breakfast. The subject of Eucharistic miracles came up. I told them how lucky I thought they were to be raised in the Faith unlike me who came home late in life.

We talked about the meaning of Easter and the true miracle of the Resurrection.

My oldest  told me that her student teacher had shared with the class a story of the Eucharist, about a Church somewhere in Europe that contains a bleeding wafer documented by the Church.

My youngest said her friend told her about a Communion wafer falling on the floor in a church, on the next day the image of Jesus appeared in that same spot.

All I could say was those are miracles surrounding the Body of Christ.

Like the death bed conversion attended by our priest, who administered the Sacraments to a woman in hospice who was not supposed live the week. She got up (after being completely bedridden) and attended daily mass for the next 6 months until her death.

The kids have heard this story but they also know this priest first hand and love him. So  we know this miracle to have happened right here in our city.

I told them the only explanation is Jesus, right? What else could it be.

My younger daughter started one of her (lengthily stories, she comes by it honestly).

She said:

“Mommy, your heart was like a wrinkled piece of paper with a rip in the middle. When you met Daddy one side got smoothed over. When you had us the other side got smoothed over. But when you found Jesus, he scotch taped the rip in the middle”

(Kleenex break)

Where does this kid come from? Where do these profound and concise thoughts bubble up from?

We got dressed and walked to the tiny little Our Lady of Good Counsel Church on Folly Beach, SC.

Where we were treated to the most amazing homily, from a young and enthusiastic priest (think a young Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen, that kind of enthralling charisma and story telling). I don’t know about you, but when I see young priests, it fills me with HOPE for the future.

Later that day I called my other friend Michelle H. who filled me in on their Easter vacation and Sunday mass homily (that we both think may have been recycled from last Easter).

But with this twist, Father asked “Do you know anyone filled with JOY for Jesus? A joy that radiates from them?”

Michelle said she turned to ask her oldest son if he knew anyone like this ( all the while thinking please say ME!).

He said “Yes mom, Pappy and Ms.Pilar!”

This is a very strong Catholic family filled with many loving, involved, faith filled adults. This is a family I love and admire greatly. So for this little boy to think of me, out of all the special grand parents and loving aunts, uncles and many cousins, shocked me!


That for me was another treasure beyond measure. That entire Easter break was the best in my entire life. From sharing the Resurrection with my children, not just the Easter Bunny, to learning that a 3rd grader sees my JOY for Jesus.

Kids Art

What are your treasures beyond measure?


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