Mean Girls and Bullies Never Grow Up

                  Women Are Scary

Women Are Scary By Melanie Dale A great read!

Do you remember High School?

You know that dreaded time of our lives where some of us reached our peak and few escaped unscathed.

I attended 3 different High Schools. No, my family was not military, my mom was divorced and a Los Angels Police Officer.

We moved every few years to find better school and neighborhoods further away from the city of L.A.

So this meant I raised my younger brother and myself. I was the mom and my mom was the dad/breadwinner. When I say raised I mean I wrote the checks, bought the groceries and negotiated with the utility companies when they wanted to shut something off.

This last skill started for me in Middle School while staying with my Aunt and Grandma in Texas as my mom completed the Police Academy. They would beg me to call these company’s and negotiate. Everyone has a certain skill set, right?

I didn’t have time to get caught up in the typical drama that is a NORMAL part of growing up. I had grown up problems to deal with.

I was blessed to belong to a wide group of friends my last 2 years of high school. Kids who just didn’t fit into the Jocks, Pot Heads, Cheerleaders, and Geeks.

You saw Breakfast Club? I lived it in the 80’s!

So now as an adult imagine my horror and surprise as I see and hear from many friends that these Mean Girls and Bullies never really grew up after HS. They continue to play out these little games of snarkiness on an adult level.

Seriously who has time for this type of silliness?

I’m not perfect lets just get that out there. I am cranky troll when I’m hungry, sick or tired, ask my husband he will attest.

But I try to be kind to people and treat them with respect. If you don’t have anything nice to say just don’t say anything.

It costs you ZERO to be kind to someone. It costs even less to hold in that gossip and pray for that person you just heard something about. Even if you don’t like them, you have no idea what their story is.

In kindergarten my daughter had a classmate who acted out and had issues. She would tell me everyday about this child. When first grade came around, I dreaded hearing these stories. But our teacher took that child under her wing and loved her, even in her tantrums and disruption.

Cut to me later that year finding out that this child was adopted from a terrible home life and given a new lease on life as an older (not toddler or infant) child by this amazing couple.

How small did I feel? I felt lower then an ant’s belly. I knew then that God was thumping me on the head and saying “Pilar you need to be praying for this family!”

Well, here we are 6 years later and that child is a  wonderful little girl full of love and intelligence. Her parents and teachers have helped her realize her God given worth along the way.

So when you feel some nasty thing ready to leave your mouth or a cruel comment ready to cut someone down, STOP! Think about what your words will do, push it down and say a prayer for that person instead.

Think too about what your behavior says to your kids.

God has blessed me with a large circle of wonderful friends who lift each other up in prayer and recognition.  Be that cheerleader for someone else today, it will make you feel good. I promise!



2 thoughts on “Mean Girls and Bullies Never Grow Up

  1. Thank you, Pilar. I love this. In spite of how wonderful our St. Charles community is, there is still gossip that flies around faster than a speeding bullet. From the teacher’s POV I see how damaging it can be to the kids, other parents, the teachers and our sense of community unity.


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