Ice Station Amarillo: The Amarillo Trilogy Part 3

If you’ve ever taken a “camping” shower this story is for you.
Don’t drink anything ☕️️🍷while reading it come out of your nose! You’ve been warned……


idiotprufs polar bar larry shampoe Come on in, it’s perfect.

After surviving the harrowing events at the hands of Amarillo Police–and I mean that literally, those guys were gropers–we decided to stop for the night in Amarillo. We felt the town hadn’t dealt us enough abuse yet, so we decided to give it one more shot.

The night was uneventful, but then the morning came.

I awoke with the sound of Lance punching buttons on the hotel phone. Lance had several conversations with hotel staff that morning, they progressed like this:

First Call: Hello, this is room 222. We don’t have any hot water…you say you’re working on it…okay. Thank you.

Ten Minutes Later

Second Call: Yeah. Room 222 still doesn’t have any hot water…it’s been running for ten minutes now…okay, I’ll give it five more minutes. Bye.

Five Minutes Later Exactly

  Third Call: There’s still no hot water, and if I’m not mistaken…

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