Hi I’m Pilar,

I am a practicing (till I get it right) Catholic, wife, mom, Crazy Cat Lady,small business owner and avid “Pinterest trying out new things” fool.

I wanted to share some of my random knowledge and life lessons here where we can talk uninterrupted by kids and careers.

Disclaimer I am not an expert on anything, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, so there’s that.

My super powers include  but are not limited to, making anything at all more fattening (a clue add peanut butter ,mayo, Miracle Whip or butter. You’re welcome).

Also I can see the potential in just about anything be it a house, garden or a person.

Glitter makes everything more fancy! Trust me I know, I’m half Mexican. I came outta the womb bedazzled (earrings, baby size necklaces , bracelets, rings) you name it.

So join me for a little cup of humor, a dash of faith and a huge helping of encouragement, because you deserve it. We are both children of God, so don’t hide that light under a bushel let it SHINE, glitter style!