Missiles and False Alarms, What Would I Want My Children To Know

Recently a false alarm was sounded all over Hawaii causing a state-wide panic. For several minutes, the people of Hawaii thought that a nuclear missile was heading for their paradise.

I read an article by a mother who said she instantly texted her 2 daughters on the main land and told them

“Check the News. Is there a missile heading to Hawaii?I love you.No matter what happens get your degree!Have a good life, be successful!And take care of your sister”

Which made me cry of course because what a terrible fright! The thought that a missile was heading for my town would be such an awful thing I wonder how one ever chokes down that fear?

But it flooded my mind with the things I would want my children to know in the event of my sudden death. Just off the top of my head,

I LOVE you both.

You were BOTH my biggest accomplishments in my life.


Stay strong in your FAITH!

DEFEND your faith with ALL your heart.

Love each other, ALWAYS!

FALL in love.

PROTECT your sister and always watch out for each other.

One day you may be mom’s I know you WILL be amazing and better than I could have ever hoped to be.

I am so PROUD of both of you.

Take CHANCES, it’s ok to make mistakes that’s how we learn.

I PRAY you have friends in your lives like I have had the honor of knowing and loving.

Marriage is WORK but it’s worth it.


I love you!

Know that I will be praying for you and I love you for ALL eternity.

RESPECT your flag, your country, veterans, and those who protect and serve our country.

ONLY God loves you more than me.

Be kind, the world is ROUGH and being kind makes you a BETTER person.

NEVER chase after a man, he should chase after you, ALWAYS.

NEVER  date a married man, he belongs to his wife. You deserve a GREAT man.

Remember INTEGRITY is doing the right thing even when no one is looking.

Do you know how much I love you? I love you to the moon and back and to the sun and back and around every single star God ever made or ever will make. Forever and ever and ever, that’s how much I LOVE you!


WORK hard and do a job you love.

You are STRONGER than you think, because you have Jesus with you EVERY moment.

Stay HUMBLE, God has you right where he needs you to be.

STAND UP for whats right even when it’s not what everyone else is doing.

The Church is always RIGHT in its teachings, even when it may seem unfair.

Credit cards are only for EMERGENCIES! Pay with cash whenever possible.

SAVE money for your retirement.

Good MANNERS will take you far in life.

TEACH yourself how fix stuff around the house like Daddy did.

Never be afraid to SHARE  your faith with others! Let your light SHINE for Jesus!

Don’t believe everything you hear or read, do your own RESEARCH.

TRAVEL, see the world and try new things.

Remember the lowliest person you may meet was once someones CHILD and God loves them.

Live your life with the goal of becoming the SAINT God wants you to be.

The DEVIL is real and spiritual warfare is a constant threat to the world.

Believe in MIRACLES, God grants them every day.

Remember that Mary is your Mother in HEAVEN.

The Saints are hanging out waiting to PRAY for you all day long, ask them to for help!

Remember to PRAY FOR ME and ask your sister in heaven to pray for you.

Help other people and VOLUNTEER when you can, it feels good.

You will know how much I loved you when you have your OWN children.

Be a GOOD friend.

Eat HEALTHY and take care of your TEETH.

Don’t worry about other people’s OPINIONS, they don’t matter one bit.


Be MODEST, you can still dress sassy without putting all your body on display.

Never let a man hit you, belittle you or separate you from family or friends. These type of men will NEVER EVER change!

You do not need to be PERFECT, I still love you and so does Jesus.

Adopt shelter PETS, remember a pet is for life.

Pay your bills on time to maintain your GOOD credit.

Say you’re SORRY, forgive when you can. Don’t allow people to mistreat you.

Listen to that little voice in your head, it’s trying to keep you ALIVE.

Hollywood LIES, movies are make believe.

BE CAREFUL about what you watch, listen to and read. Ask yourself would I watch this with Father Tom. Trash in equals trash out.

You are special there is NO ONE in the world just like you.

If you marry, MARRY a Catholic that lives their faith daily. You will be each others guide to SALVATION.

Marry an optimist with a great sense of HUMOR, life is hard and this will help along the way.

PRAY the rosary.

NEVER let someone talk you out of your faith!

Even though you may be small you are FIERCE, God is with you always.

Adoption makes families too, be OPEN to life and what God puts in your heart.

I could go on and on, but I hope that this list  could be a guide to what I would share if I had to leave instructions.

So what started as a false alarm in Hawaii, has led to this roadmap I pray would help in the event that my girls need it when I am gone.

Mary and jesus

Your friend,

Pilar The Papist Squirrel

PS You both made me a better person by being your mommy.







Cocktails With The Saints

Yesterday I was listening to the Jennifer Fulwiler Show on the Catholic Channel on Channel 129.


There hasn’t been a day when I have caught Jen’s show that I didn’t feel smarter, more informed or just encouraged. She typically has the most interesting and fascinating guests on her radio show that she broadcasts from her home that she shares with her husband and their 6 children.


I have a handful of friends that I know that when I spend time with them I feel smarter. All my friends are smart, but some are in fields that are beyond my realm of knowledge.

Like my friend Amy she is a prosector for the City of Dayton, if I had to face her in court as a criminal I would be scared. But since she’s my friend, I feel smarter every time I hang out with her. Phew

Or my friend Terri the science brain, do you see where I’m going with this. I just have amazing friends who are gifted in other areas outside of my realm of ability. But they never make me feel less, in fact they generally make me feel smarter by osmosis!

Is that even a thing? I think so, so it is!

So back to the show, Jennifer had this guest on named Brice Sokolowski who was on promoting his new book “Alms”.

Brice runs a company that helps Catholic organizations fundraise. 99% of his advice is free, because he feels it is his calling. Cool, hun?


One of the last questions Jennifer asked Brice was “If you went to heaven and met the Saints and they asked your name, what century you were from and what heresy you fought? What would you say?”

So Brice who is from the great state of Texas, and now resides in the south of France with his family , said

“If I got into heaven God willing. I picture it like a cocktail soirée with fabulous cheese and wine. But I would have to say (since they were short on time, they skipped the century and name part) the heresy I fought was relativism and defense of the family”


That is such an amazing question, what would your answer be? That just had my mind racing.

In my earlier life I was an agnostic. I did NOT believe in Jesus, but I did believe that there was a God or Higher Power. Which also led me to believe I was Prochoice. I thought abortion should be a last resort, but a “choice” none the less.

Cut to me 15 years later, before I was pregnant I really started to question, at what point was abortion just morally wrong? Was it after the 1st trimester? Certainly after the 2nd that was just reprehensible to me and late term abortion was just not even an option open for any type of discussion.

Once I started thinking this way, I just kept going further and further back in the development of a human baby. Until ultimately I concluded that life is life when there is a heartbeat, DUH!

Oh man I was on a slippery slope then. Cut to me pregnant and attending mass. Just listening and not understanding anything about the Faith, but listening and trying to keep up with all the kneeling, standing, and responses that everyone seemed to know by heart.

Somewhere along the way God lite a tiny ember in my heart that would become a raging BONFIRE for Jesus and all things relating to the Catholic faith. #crazy

Soon I had 2 kids that were in school and I discovered I was pregnant after 40 and I was beyond overjoyed! I suffered a miscarriage at 13 weeks and delivered our daughter Mia.

She was perfectly formed with fingers and toes and a tiny dimple in her chin like her sister. 13 weeks this was a shock to me I had no idea, this is how babies developed so quickly.

Our family was grief stricken and devastated. It changed me forever and I never thought I would be happy again, but from her brief life our little Saint changed our lives.

Prior to losing our baby we had been Prolife, for the most part. But seeing her little body, changed all that. It proved beyond any shadow that this was a human being NOT some “clump of cells” as some would try to make you believe.


I share my story often and each time it’s easier, because miscarriage is not something people want to discuss. It’s a sad personal tragedy, but if I share my story I may help another family in their grief.

Over the weekend I ran into a couple that spoke at our parish about the loss of what would have been their 6th child Isabella, 2 weeks before her due date. The cord wrapped around her neck and she died in utero.

This family shared that they saw this baby’s life touch so many people even though she never lived outside her mom’s body. Their truthful and heart wrenching story helped me heal. The saw so many graces come from this brief little life and God’s plan continues to unfold for them.

So if I make into heaven by Gods grace and a Saint were to ask me what heresy I fought against. I will be able to answer with a resounding certainty I fought for the sanctity of life from conception to natural death.

I may not have gone with the flow of what society claims to be a “choice” or what feminist rally against government for “controlling” their bodies.

But as a woman and a mother I will stand up and share my story and the truth as I know it. I will be the voice for the voiceless in what should be the safest place on earth, the womb.

I pray I share my story with love and compassion, so that it might change even one heart.

Every time I attend mass I pray fervently for an end to abortion.

So what would you say when asked by the Saints at the great cocktail party in the sky? What heresy did you fight?

God Bless you,

Your friend

Pilar The Papist Squirrel.

Easter, First Communion & Confirmation Season…Oh MY!

Here we are at the end (nearly) of another Lent and Easter is fast approaching. I am excited to share that this year I actually know someone who will be entering the Church on Easter, my friend Jessica!

Every year at Easter a new group of adults enter our Church (Thanks be to GOD)! After nearly a year of R.C.I.A (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) training they are welcomed during the Easter vigil and every year I cry when I witness this miracle.

It’s ok I cry EVERY single time a baby is baptized and when we renew our baptismal promises.

Renewal of Baptismal Promises Video

That is a powerful prayer, you’re saying before God and all your brothers and sisters  what we believe as Catholics and that you RENOUNCE Satan and all his empty promises! (Does anyone else picture the scene from The Godfather during those words?)That is some serious business, the renewal part not the movie I mean.

So during this beautiful season you may find yourself invited to several parties celebrating these mile stones. If you’re like me, I am always on the look out for thoughtful faith filled gifts.

Here are just a few that I recommend:

The Little Butterfly Who Loved Jesus, A Story of the 7 Sacraments


This is a sweet book for children having their First Holy Communion. We received it as a gift last year and it explains beautifully with text and pictures the Sacraments.

The Essential Guide to Catholic Prayer and the Mass

th copy 2

This book is terrific for teens receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation or adults entering the Church this Easter season. Or cradle Catholics who want to brush up on their faith. The book is broken down into bite size nuggets of information. It lists many common and maybe forgotten prayers and explains in detail why and how we do the things we do as Catholics. If you have a question that needs further explaining and you can’t find it in the  Catechism of the Catholic Church (Apostolic Constitution) then this book may clarify it for you.

The One-Minute Apologist By Dave Armstrong

th copy 3

This book is one of my all time FAVORITES! If you’re easily distracted like me but want to be able to explain or defend your Catholic faith, then this book is for you. In 2 pages Dave Armstrong tackles one Protestant claim after another regarding our faith. He explains the Church stance and backs up all the claims with biblical footnotes. So not only can you explain it but also understand it. What better way to share our faith then with love and the Bible. After all the Catholic Church did comply the Bible, publish it (thank the monks) and the Council of Rome 382 A.D. as well as The Council of Trent 1545-1563 established and reaffirmed the dueterocanon (Books included in the Catholic Bible yet left out of The King James version). So ignorance of scripture is not an excuse when you have this handy paperback.

The Ultimate Catholic Quiz:100 Questions Most Catholics Can’t Answer

th copy 4

This is another great quick read. Leave it on the coffee table, use it to start dinner conversation, play kids v.s. adults, use it in your parish for a Quiz Night. You get the idea and again the theme is quick nuggets of information that if you choose to can delve further into. #SquirrelKnowledge

Our Heavenly Friends Flash Cards


Hello! I love Flash Cards for quick bits of trivia and learning. Again family fun night, Bible Camp, car trips or just general “Smack Down” fun among siblings and friends.

So skip the gift cards and give one of these to your friends or families or just treat yourself!

This season, please pray for all these new brothers and sisters joining our big wacky, beautiful Catholic family.  Pray that God will continue to encourage each of us to grow in our faith and be the light of the world.

God Bless and Keep You,

Your friend

Pilar The Papst Squirrel

Welcome to The Papist Squirrel Blog!

Can I just tell you? I am so excited that you stopped by to take a peek at my 1st EVER blog.

My friend Heather asked my to start this because I gave up FB for Lent. Somehow I have collected a small following of friends that enjoy my wacky insights, cat videos, and posts about faith. I am totally humbled to hear that I cheer some of you up with the things I post.

I have so many things I want to share and discuss. My little squirrel brian is pinging like a pin ball machine.(insert cool sounds here)

Bare with me because I am a terrible speller and sometimes leave words out (dyslexic super powers form of super creative mind (Wonder Twins reference)).

This is a sample of what I want to share with you. I want to talk about our faith and things like,

  • Vocations
  • Prayers
  • #ShareJesus
  • Catholic media
  • Saint of the Day
  • Scripture
  • Catholic bloggers & Authors
  • How to squeeze the Rosary into your commute or carpool time.

Also I want to share some of my favorite things,

  • Books, movies, series that I binge watch
  • Cleaning Tips (Lazy style)
  • “Adulting” tips i.e. How to plunge a toilet, how to remove the shrunken head that lives in your tub drain and whats a P-trap and why do I care?
  • Beauty tips from a former makeup sales girl (B.K. Before Kids)
  • Decorating advice for the DIYer (Pinterest is your personal catalog of ideas)
  • Recipes (Crockpot style or easy enough for a kid to make)
  • and so much more…..(need more coffee to explain further)

So check back often and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand.

Your friend,

Pilar aka The Papist Squirrel